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Laval Liberty High School (LLHS) Students and Parents!

Welcome Laval Liberty High School (LLHS) Students and Parents!

Before getting started, read some of Mr. Doron's do's and don't when working together online. Some of the work will be done online through google. Find out more about google documents.

Sports Concentration Teams

Are you currently enrolled in one of the school's concentration teams? This is ideal if you want to improve your mental skills or just want to get mentally tough. You do not even need a reason to get started. Just ask me to help you improve your mental skills. Click here to get started.


Are you taking a course with Mr. Doron? Interested in finding out your latest mark with Mr. Doron? Click the link that describes your course number. If you have any suggestions, comments or notice any mistakes, please email Mr. Doron. Please note you should bookmark this page. You should also regularly visit the learn quebec website.

Which course would you like information on? Click the course title number. It is extremely important to review some of the commonly asked questions, suggestions and slides that that Mr. Doron goes over in class. They are included in our success tips and resource section. Don't have power point to view the slides? No problem, click here to download the free viewer.

Remember, to download files, the user name is flow and password is coachd

In addition, an extremely useful site is the learnquebec site. You need a username and password to get access to the most valuable pages within the site. Email Mr. Doron if you are a student of his; otherwise, get it from your math teacher. This site is very resourceful and will help you get better grades.

If you notice an error or if you have any questions, please email Mr. Doron for clarification.

Last updated: March 1, 2011

Courses taught by Mr. Doron

Which course would you like information on?

Math Secondary III

Term 4

Statistics (Learn Website)

Spatial Sense

Spatial Sense (Learn Website)

Term 3


Term 2


Algebraic Expressions (Learn Website)

(Polynomials, adding / subtracting / multiplying and dividing polynomials), equations, solving equations part 1 and 2.

Term 1

Algebraic Expressions (Learn Website)

(exponential expressions, properties of exponents)




Term 4

Mr. Doron's end-of-year survival guide

Respitory System

Nervous and Muscular System

Lymphatic System (Read and understand until slide 8) Understand Vaccines slides 15 and 16.

Circulatory System Read and understand Slides 13-21.

Reproduction System

Term 3

The Ear

The Eye Email Tony P. (in our class) if the link does not work.

Term 2

Matter (LES 1)

Term 1

How to Write a Lab Report

English Secondary III (Work Oriented)

Important passwords, click here.

Term 3

Mr. Doron wrote on the board "short term pain and long term gain". What is meant by that? Two paragraphs.

Book report rubric and example (use the introduction from the example). Doron's top 10 oral presentation guidelines.

Highlight Topics

10 newsflashes Therefore, you should have a total of 20.

Music and Me

Term 2

Five newsflashes Therefore, you should have a total of 10.

Think you have it bad? Click here. What are the slides about? What do you think of it? Compare it to people who are less fortunate.

Three paragraphs about the differences between the online Gazette and the paper that you read in class (what do you like about the paper in class, what do you like about the online version and what are the differences between both). In the last paragraph, I would like, exceptionally, at least ten sentences.

Assignment #6:

Assignment #5:

Click here for holiday cheer. What did you see and what do you think about it?

Term 1

Work in class: we saw two movies - One paragraph as to what it is about and another paragraph as to what you think about it. .

Assignment #4: Creative Story Telling .

Assignment #3: How to Get Better Grades Essay & How to Improve my School Rubric

Assignment #2: Summer Highlights.

Assignment #1: About Yourself.

5 newsflashes including one on this article.

* Reminder at least five sentences per paragraph

Work Oriented

Term 1

Your strong points and areas of improvements (two paragraphs)

Blast From the Past

Math: Things that you should know by now but maybe forgot. Take some time to refresh this informatin.


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