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Exercises Associated with the In-Flow Experience

Please note that most of these exercises are carefully monitored thanks to Google's online collaboration. Please also take a few moments to read some of the do's and don't while working with Coach Doron.

Special: If you purchase any of these assignments, please note that they you get corrections, comments and / or 15 minutes of consulting time to get into flow with coach Doron. Buy any three assignments and automatically get 60 minutes of free consulting time (value of $100). Many of these exercises are carefully put together in an onlne e-elearning course. Find out more. If you are going to download many exercises, please do so one at a time. Therefore, please pay for one exercise at a time.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Mental Skill
In- Flow





100% Positive thoughts.

Work on highlights (what's this?) with several topics. Enroll through our e-learning website (click on mental skills, then highlights).

Score an A for attitude. Be sensitized to some of your poor attitude and create a more positive outlook

Seeing the good in bad

Asking the right questions ($20)


Two images. What do you see in this two faced image? $10





Just right.

Not too low, not too high but develop your arousal level so you can time it so that it can be just right!

Body Language

Positive body language leading to encouragement and success.

Become sensitive to the body language that you display.

Learn what body language can do to you and how it can affect your opponent.


Techniques are developed to reach flow.

Learn how to breath like the pros.


Excellent communication within the team. Players know what others team mates are doing and going to do.


Non verbal


Optimal confidence for performance.

Confidence CV (curriculum vitate) (it is like builing your traditional CV but more enjoyable!)

Confidence modeling.

Confidence Quotes

Developing personal achievement reminders.

Developing personal sport affirmations.

Drawing the wheel of confidence and developing some insight into this.

Interpretation of bad events.

Interpretation of good events.

Recall past experiences to improve your confidence.


Individual or team is discipline and puts the needs of the game in front of their own.

Coming soon!


Concentrates on the task at hand and has the ability to block out distractions.

Asking the right questions

Develop the right focus depending on the game situation. You will be asked to create and switch focus in a script

Developping key words with a great article from psychology today November / December 2008 $25



Identifying the Proper Focus

Listing Internal and External Distractions and Coping Strategies to Achieve Flow

Putting Bad Thoughts Aside or Error Parking

Thought Stoppage

Understanding the Different types of Focus and Creating an Example.

Useful Strategies and Creating Key-Words to Achieve Flow

What if Planner

In and Out of Your Control

Focus on the Do Rather then Do Not

Quotes and Key-Words

Goal Setting

Setting smart goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time oriented. In adition, goals are in your control.

Establish SMART goals.

Cue cards that outline the past, present, future and has revisions. (show me a video). 

Ideal Performance State

Everything is in flow.

Take the Sports Psychology Interview to gain a better perspective of your strengths and weaknesses.

Get a list of key - words that help you focus on the process of improving your sport.

Create an online grid sheet that can help you keep track of important emotional, physical and mental characteristics of peak performance. Professional athletes use this!

Find the best quotes in a variety of mental skills and organize in a nice chart! 

Identity Establish what is your identity as an individual and or if you are part of a team Create your mission statement and identify your identity as a team.
Mental Imagery

Clear pictures in your mind of your performance using all the right senses and techniques associated with it to achieve flow.

Develop the sight, sounds, taste, feel and smell of a game situation that happens with you.

Develop your own mental imagery script.

Develop an even more advanced mental imagery script.

Mental imagery logs with scores on many of the most important concepts.

Mental Toughness

Despite setbacks, adversity and heightened pressure, shows the ability to be resilient and rise to the occasion. The ability to deal with adversity and interpret the pressure as a challenge and opportunity to grow.

Learn to deal with adversity, stress and the mental barriers that break down during key moments.

Lessons learned log book.


High drive, willingness to succeed. Actively pursuing your goals.

Create a sports psychology alphabet of success. You will write down hundreds of words and sentences associated with excellence and success.

Find out what motivates you.

Develop and increase your motivation.

What if planner

Read the wheel of excellence and

answer questions

Read reminders for excelling and provide your thoughts about it. How will you use this in your competition?

Highlights! Write about your highlights of the day and or write a series of online journal entries with carefully crafted questions and thoughts guided by your mental performance consultant.

Inspiring video clips


Optimistic of outcome which enhances persistence and ability to rebound back quickly after a setback. A clear understanding of the important dimensions of optimism and how you interpret both positive and negative experiences in your life.



Take an optimism test and see how optimistic you are! Once you click the link, then click on mental skills training and then the optimism test.

Take the optimism test for kids.


Gain specific knowledge as to which dimension you need to work on.

Changing Pessimistic Statments into Optimistic Statements (download only once you have taken the test and understand the concept). $20



Develop realistic game situations in which you hone your optimism and use it to your advantage.

Optimism in Sports - Take a test run of 20 questions $25




You make them up!


Optimal tension during key moments.

Learn the well respected and established Jacobson technique of relaxation.


Highly developed, systematic and sequential pre, during and post game routines.

Develop your own pre-during and post game routines.

Self Talk

Positive internal dialogue directed at one-self.

10 Positive thoughts

Develop a positive key word list.

Pyramid of Words

Replace negative with positive key words.

Two wolves

Learn the countering technique

Re framing

Avoiding catastrophic statements

Learn the stop technique


Ability to regulate and deal with stress effectively.

Coming soon!

Social Support

Athlete surrounded by positive people and family members who support and provide a positive impact on performance.

Coming soon!

Team Building

Team-mates show genuine care and trust for one another and are trustworthy of each other. Attitude of win-win in the dressing room.

Coming soon!

Time Management

The difficulty associated with managing many things at the same time despite distractions and the many tasks that are required in today's busy schedule.

Coming soon!


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