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Flow in Sports Interview

Warning! You are about to gain a mental advantage over your opponents.

Congratulations for your desire in improving your game. You are one step closer and I am going to make this very easy for you.

Are you interested in seeing how you compare to professional athletes from a mental perspective? Have you ever wondered what it is like getting personal guidance in improving your mental skills? This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain insight on ten mental skills and receive specific exercises to help you improve your game. Two options exist:




Who is this sports psychology interview designed for?

This sports psychology interview is designed for athletes who seek to improve their sporting performance. This is ideal for a) athletes of any sport and any level, b) coaches and c) officials.

What will you get? Why should I purchase a Flow in Sports interview?

By purchasing a Flow in Sports Interview, you receive

1) An interview by phone or in person (if possible) that lasts approximately 60 minutes in which ten mental skills will be discussed. They are 1) motivation, 2) routines, 3) goal setting, 4) focus, 5) mental imagery, 6) stress, 7) self - talk, 8) mental toughness, 9) confidence and 10) learned optimism. There will also be a general section question and answer period.

2) You will receive an elaborate report on each mental skill with a score out of 100. You will also receive an overall score out of 100%. This report is personally typed and based solely on the interview. There is no automation here. This is a personal interview with someone working to improve the mental aspect of your game!

3) You will receive two hours of additional consulting time with coach Lior Doron a $200 value or $400 value for professional athletes. Here you can work on mental skills that are your weakness and / or have the opportunity to share your personal experience. Click here to learn more about your mental performance consultant. This is designed to help you improve your score on a particular mental skill. Often exercises are assigned or this can be an opportunity to exchange emails. You may contact your mental performance consultant over the phone where a toll free number is provided. You have three months after the date of purchase in order to use this time.

For more information email us your question.

When will I receive my report?

You will receive your report within five days of the interview.

See how you compare with professional athletes in mental skills. Click below to buy this service and get started right away.

How much does this cost?


$250.00 limited time offer...


For group assessments, click here to contact coach Lior Doron. Please also take a few moments to read about other offers that can help your team with our elearning options or getting flow in sports for your team.

For more information call 514-963-FLOW (3569) or email us.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons you should give it a try!

1) Read coach Lior Doron's masters thesis in which an elaborate study was conducted with professional athletes. Coach Lior Doron has interviewed hundredes of athletes and produced this report. Try it for yourself right now.

2) Read what other satisfied clients are saying

3) Want to learn more about the field of sports psychology before purchasing? Read more about it by reading one of our articles by clicking here.

4) We also have an automated version that is available for only $20. Ask us for it through the free sports psychology consultation request.

Where do I go from here?

1) Register for the Flow in Sports Interview

2) Pay buy clicking the buy now button above.

3) Contact your mental performance consultant Lior Doron to schedule the interview.

For more information email us your question. This is a LIMITED - TIME promotion.

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