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Here are a few indicators...

As a parent, you know that nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what to do. Here are some signs that your child may need tutoring:

1. Your child's teacher or school counselor recommends it. This may happen at a parent-teacher conference. It may also occur when progress reports are issued, or at report card time.

2. Your child's grades start to fall independent of how hard he or she seems to be working, where before they were improving or holding steady.

3. No matter how long your child spends on homework, it's neither complete nor accurate. This may indicate a lack of basic skills or a weakness in a specific academic area.

4. Caught in a cycle of frustration and failure, your child shows an increasing lack of confidence and motivation.

5. Your child has lost interest in learning.

6. Your child experiences extreme anxiety before tests and exams.

7. Your child is reluctant to go to school, fearing failure and criticism from others.

8. Your child's teacher reports that he or she is acting out, becoming a behavior problem in class.


9. Your child says, "I'm too stupid. I'll never understand this stuff."


10. Your child says, "I give up." Or, worse, you hear yourself saying it.

Still not convinced? Here are other benefits of tutoring...

There are many reasons why one-on-one tutoring will most effectively help a student to continuously perform at his/her maximum academic potential:

Individualized Attention

In a classroom setting, it is not possible for teachers to tailor teaching methods to suit the needs of each student. For this reason, students who have unique learning styles often do not get the attention required to learn most effectively. Our tutors work with the student and parents to assess the student's strengths and weaknesses before deciding on the best course of action. A tutor who is familiar with a student's patterns of thinking and learning style will be able to design a lesson plan with the appropriate pace and content to suit these needs, creating a personalized learning strategy to improve his/her performance.

A Chance to Ask Questions & Build Confidence

One-on-one tutoring allows a student to ask questions he/she would not ordinarily ask in a classroom setting due to various reasons (time constraints, shyness, etc.) and hence take a more proactive role in the learning process.

In other cases, when a student lacks certain fundamental skills, it also becomes difficult for him/her to ask for help in the classroom due to anxiety over being perceived as "slow." Our tutors help a student identify academic areas needing remedial work, building up a student's confidence - one small accomplishment at a time.

Developing Good Study Skills

Organizational skills, time-management and self-discipline are crucial components to not just achieving, but maintaining, academic success. In the process of helping students with the requisite course material, our tutors also demonstrate effective self-learning strategies to enable students to sustain academic excellence, long after the tutoring sessions are over.

Academic and Admissions Advising

In addition to subject tutoring and test preparation, our tutors can help with making academic decisions, eliminating procrastination, and developing proactiveness and motivation.

Other benifits of working with a skills tutor include:

One on One Interaction:
A good tutor acts as a combination coach and personal trainer. Working one on one with a tutor can help identify your own personal blocks to successful learning and remedy them quickly. In addition, personal attention can help to focus your study efforts, as well as building confidence and self-esteem.

Added Insight:
A tutor can, and should, be able to give you additional insight into the subject matter. A tutor can help put mathematics in perspective, explaining where various techniques are used in the real world, and offering alternative ways to approach a solution. A tutor can also help clarify which pieces of subject matter are most important, and how different concepts work together when solving complicated problems.

Structured Study Sessions:
Especially for younger students, regular meetings with a tutor can help to build disciplined study habits. Simply meeting for one focused session per week helps students to avoid procrastination and make steady progress with their schoolwork. For many students, the difference can be an entire grade level, or more.

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