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Take the Tour - Part 1 of 2

Description of Services

A growing number of athletes have recognized the importance of addressing the crucial mental skills needed for long-term success. These skills - once honed - are an integral part of pursuing athletic and personal excellence. Flow in Sports offers personal and virtual sports psychology consulting. With personal consulting, you meet with coach Lior Doron. With virutual consulting, appointments are set-up through email, phone and instant messaging softwares. In both cases mental skills exercises are given to you to help athletes and teams improve their sporting performance. Some athletes prefer to discuss their issues over the phone. Coach Lior Doron B.A., D.S.A., M.Sc. has over ten years experience guiding athletes towards the pursuit of excellence. Some teams prefer to have a sports psychology coach who can give weekly workshops and join their team during some practices and games. A unique team building course can be tailor made for your team in an e-learning environment. As a coach, Flow in Sports can also help you manage your team administration with our Flow in Sports Team Package.

Flow in Sports also offers online tutoring as well as personal tutoring (in the Montreal area only) in a variety of subjects such as math, English, french, computers and chess.

Flow in Sports also offers tennis instruction, hockey officiating and conferences to help your team perform better.

What is Provided?

Sports Psychology Consulting: Register and subscribe to receive flow minutes or consulting time with your sports psychology coach either as an individual athlete or as part of a team. Performance enhancement is achieved with mental skills training - to get into "the zone" or to get into flow. Improve your motivation, confidence self-talk and much more. Look at some of the mental skills that can be improved or find out some specific mental skills exercies that can be done with your sports psychology coach.

Conferences: Get one of the leading sports psychology coaches to help you and your team improve their mental skills. Sports psychology coach Lior Doron can give your team a weekly conference (shorter or longer intervals between each session is possible) as well as join your team during practices and games. Ask us about our prices. Conferences can be tailor made to fit your team, your needs and you may even choose among some of the most popular sports psychology formats including such popular game shows such as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Survivor or Family Feud". This reinforces the knowledge obtained in the conference and adds excitement to your team building workshop.


Tutoring and online learning. Register and subscribe to receive one on one or online tutoring. Flow in Sports facilitates better grades in school in a variety of subjects from elementary to high school. Flow in Sports offers tutoring in math (up until grade 10), English (reading, writing and editing essays), french (reading, writing and editing essays), science as well as general homework help. We can also help you with your C.V. and cover letter. We also support application shairing so that you can see solutions to difficult questions in math for example that appear on your screen!


Get into flow with tennis instruction. Receive private or semi-private lessons. Register and get started now.


Get into flow with a hockey referee. Allow Flow in Sports to officiate your ice-hockey game.


Get into flow consulting and tutoring is facilitated using

  • E-mail. Ask us a question or make a comment.

  • Phone. Call toll free (from the US and Canada) 1-877-778 FLOW (3569).

  • Popular chatting software such as MSN or Skype. Chat about your personal performance or get help with your homework. If you have other chatting software, just let us know and we'll get it!

  • Video meetings. Chat live (see and hear) instruction with Lior Doron.
  • Flow boards (post and read messages from individuals like yourself on a variety of mental skills).

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