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Top 10 Things Coach Lior Doron Does

I have been asked many times, what do you do? So, I have created my very own Top 8 Things that I do :)
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Without any further delays... I...

#8) Develop Business to Business Relationships

Sponsoring TSPA is a Good Business Decision

One of the most interesting and rewarding tasks is finding sponsors for TSPA. If you are a business owner or know of a business that would make over a 17% return on their investment then forming a partnership with TSPA is an easy decision. Plus you get increased exposure and are associated to a leading positive sports psychology academy within the city of Montreal. It can be used for personal and or for rewards for employees of your company. This is one investment that will pleasantly impressed with.

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#7) Plan Tennis Camp Registration & Seek Methods to Increase Membership

Price in 2012 Offered at 26% Lower / Save Up to $60 Per Week

Thinking of camp 2012 might seem like it is far away considering the chill of the winter is right around the corner. Saving up to 26% or $60 per week can warm you up. Take a look at our top10 videos and pictures. Hurry, offer ends October 31st. Those who register get 10 coupons per week of registration!

I also start preparing and enticing tennis enthusiasts to visit and join the Woodland Tennis Club. I've prepared the top 10 reasons to visit the Woodland Tennis Club! There are still 2 weeks left!

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#6) Offer Tutoring Services
Over 15 years of Teaching Experience

Need help in math, English or Science? Students usually get at least 2 coupons for each visit. Register with a classmate and pay almost half price! If you are three or more students, pay only $20 and get 30 minutes for free! As a bonus, pre-pay one month in advance and get 10 coupons or take 10 sessions within three months and get 50 coupons!

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#5) Facilitate Flow in Sports for Athletes.
Mental Skills Training Can Be Done in Person or at a Distance. Practice and Game Observations can be Included.

If sports psychology is considered over 90% of the game, are you working on it? At the recreational level, the answer is often no but as athletes move up the food chain and seek provincial, national or international status, mental skills training is certainly an area in which they take the time to work on. Confidence building, improving your focus, creating a positive self-talk, attitude adjustments, increase motivation, learn to set effective goals, mental skills assessments, optimism testing and much more (look at the complete list of exercises). You become a better reader, writer, and become more mentally tough. We can work one-on-one or from a distance using free popular software. I can observe your practice and games to get a better idea of exactly what you are going through and to bridge the gap between your physical demands and psychological strategies that you will acquire. Ultimately, you get flow in sports! What is Flow? Find out about the latest trend in sports psychology. As a bonus, get 10 coupons if you pre-pay one month and 50coupons after three months.

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Read about the professional package with all the bells and whistles!

#4) Facilitate Flow in Sports for Teams
Performance Enhancement for Your Organization or Team

As a coach, teacher or employer, you would like to better train your team so that they become more efficient and effective. Get the latest e-learning capabilities using moodle (what's this?). There are 47 other things you can do with this e-learning platform. Read more. Don't have time to set-up the questions? No problem, I would help you along the way to set this up. It's easy and I offer a free trial. The results are simply amazing and this system will cut your training costs exponentially. As a bonus, get 10, 20 or 30 coupons per month (maximum three months) depending on the type of package you get (bronze, silver or gold).

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#3) Develop and Fine Tune e-learning Courses
Take a e-course which is Available 24/7

You just want to take one course to get a better idea of the online ease of learning? For as little as $20 per course, you can improve your mental skills. Our latest course in optimism for kids and adults is available. Develop a mental imagery script of a great performance. Choose one exercise from this list(click here). Then, reply back to this email with the title of the exercise and allow me to guide you from there.

You even have the ability to set-up your own course and get 95% of these revenues!

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#2) Get Even More Social
Like us on Facebook, Subscribe on Youtube and Follow us on Twitter

As you know social media has provided businesses with a tremendous opportunity to showcase their products and services. Click on the various links to get started. With two sports psychology companies, I have set them up to maximize their social power. I know you will really enjoy browsing.


Facebook Youtube Twitter

Facebook Youtube Twitter

I've also set-up a profile on Linked in. View it.

#1) Implement Mental Skills Assessment
Sports Psychology Interview Provides Baseline to Assess Your Strong Points and Areas of Improvement

Meet with me and get a sports psychology interview to test 10 mental skills associated with excellence. This is based out of my original masters thesis in which I interviewed National Hockey League Ice-Hockey Officials (read it). You can also get an automated version for only $20.

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