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Journal Entries Assignment

The journal entries are two paragraphs each. There should be a minimum of five sentences per paragraph. Spelling and grammer count. Be original, creative and make it stand out! Once my corrections are on the google document, fix them. This will improve your chances of getting a great meark. Remember, this is worth 20% of your mark on the second trimester.

January 15th: The meaning of snow; snow highlight (best experience with snow such as snow ball fight, fort, ski, tubing etc.)

January 16th: Your biggest regret. Why? What should you have done? How would things be different today?

January 17th: What would you do with one million dollars

January 19th: What characteristics do you / did you like in your favorite teacher; what specific advice would you have for me to improve as a teacher? What do you like most / least about me. Remember to be diplomatic in your responses :)

January 22: Weekend activities; 2nd paragraph is open...

January 24: Characteristics of your best friend. What makes him or her such a good friend. If I really knew you, what would I find out?

Jan 25th: What did you to today / yesterday? 2nd paragraph is about where you see yourself after high school (what will you be doing? Will you be working or going to school? Remember each paragraph should have a topic sentence.

Jan 29: Weekend activities... open journal...

Feb 5: Good Monday morning class. It seems like there are quite a few of you who are still behind in your jounals. If you are more than 1 journal entry behind, you will be working without a computer for at least one class (if not more). In addition to this, you must do today's journal entry. As another friendly reminder, you must write two paragraphs per journal and in each paragraph have at least five sentences. This must be put on the google site and make sure you are colloborating with me. Ask a few classmate for help or see me sometime during recess or lunch.

Here is today's topic... in the 1st paragraph, let me know what you did over the weekend. Did you see the Super Bowl? What was your highlight of your weekend?

In the second paragraph, please tell me what would you do if your friend had a two broken legs? How would you cheer him or her up? What would you say?

Feb 7: What would you do if you and you best friend go for a job interview in which both of you want the job very badly... however, the person hiring says that he can only take one of you... what would you do?

In the second paragaph discuss what do we mean when we say, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence"?

Feb 8: What are you afraid of? Why? In the second paragraph let me know what are some rules you have to follow at home? What rules, if any, do you break often? How is your home life? Do you enjoy going home or being at home? Discuss your family at home...

Feb 9: How do you feel when it's your birthday? Why?

How would you change the world to make it better?

Feb 13: What are your valentine's day plans? Do you have a special someone? Can you describe him or her?

The other choice is to describe your weekend activities

Feb 14: Your dream house. Get into details. Any special features i.e. indoor pool, sauna, exercise room?

Feb 16: What is your most memorable experience? What is your life's highlight... describe a time when you were most kind or received an extremely nice gesture... end off your jounal entries on a strong note!

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