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Success Tips and Resources

Flow in sports is pleased to offer you a variety of success tips and resources and is divided into several mental skills. Please note a much more comprehensive and structured elearning is available by clicking here




Advantages of Getting a Sports Psychology Consultant by John. F. Murray

Advice for Parents byJohn F. Murray

Comparing Mental Training Techniques used by NHL and AHL ice-hockey referees to achieve optimal performance by Lior Doron

Elite Mind Set of Andre Agassi byJohn F. Murray

Sports Psychology for Tennis in Kids and Life by John F. Murray

Sports Psychology in College by John F. Murray

What is Sports Psychology


Sports Psychology in Coaching - Excellent article by Mark H Anshel


The Nature of Concentration by Mike Stock


The Art of Confience by John. F. Muray

Mental Imagery

Sky diving reading

Audio for tennis 


The Wheel of Excellence by Terry Orlick: Excellent general reading in sports psychology. Highly recommended.

The Importance of Belief in Tennis by John F. Murray

Free Hug - nice You Tube Video

Understanding Intrinsic Motivation. You should read and click on the topics that interest you after you reach the page... excellent website.


Developing Pre-performance Routines by John F. Murray Go to his website right now!

Self - Talk

Improving Your Self-Talk by John F. Murray

Developping Key words in tennis - email the author Maher Diab for more information on this published paper.


Interested in finding out how you rank? Check out the guide.


Laval Liberty High Schooll - Tips and information from Mr. Doron on the courses he teaches at Laval Liberty High School part of the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board and how to be a successful student.

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