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Dear Coach, Athletic Director, Principal or School Administrator, 

Sporting excellence comes down to which athlete or team is the most mentally prepared. We've often heard how the game is played between the ears and how sports pychology plays an integral role in as much as 90% or more in the success of an athlete or team. Offering sports psychology services has been the recent secret weapon of this professional organization. Watch a video. The recent trend of departments hiring sports psychology consultants has provided a positive impact at many levels: 

1. Athletes (improved performance via mental skills training)

2. Teams (more cohesion, enhanced team dynamics);

3. Coaches (added professional resource person guiding team to victory)  and;

4. Fans (more ticket sales since teams are more competitive).

     This can be achieved by having a professional, consistent and flexible delivery of sports psychology services in your sports programs. I am proud to be one of the 1st person to have offered not only a sports psychology course in the Quebec high school system but also integrated sports psychology services to the various sports teams within the Laval Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board. By having me as your mental performance consultant, your department will get:

- access to a leading mental performance consultant for all your elite sports teams. This will enable for practice and game observation, team workshops and provide your coaches with an added value resource professional to further help your teams get a mental edge to win.

- mental skills training delivered by an experienced (10+ years) and qualified professional using the latest e-learning technology that is available. This allows for athletes to progress at their own pace and allows for teams to be working together off the field so that they can improve on the field.  
 - a professional who will establish a trustworthy rapport with the players, get to know them, have them feel comfortable to share their mental lapses to lay the foundation so that they can create, recreate and maintain Flow in Sports! You will notice that I created two sports psychology companies devoted to sports psychology which attests to my commitment and passion in this area. I invite you to click the image and browse over the websites...

Flow in Sports - Teaching Success With Positive Sports Psychology 

Tennis & Sports Psychology Academy - Popular Day Camp Instiilling Positive Living Skills in Children 

     I look forward hearing from you and would be pleased to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss this further. I would be willing to show you some of the tools and strategies that I use to create, recreate and maintain flow in sports for your athletes. Feel free to browse over the above website and click on the youtube videos for examples. By having a mental performance consultant associated to your sports teams, this will provide an excellent resource to your department which would also be in line with its vision and mission statement. Furthermore, every athlete that enrolls in our valued and prestigious sports programs will have a better foundation in the field of sports psychology that will help them not only in sports but also in life. As the pressure mounts, successful performance will be facilitated by an integral part of my professional and creative delivery of sports psychology services. 
With Much Resilience, 
Coach Doron B.A., G.D.S.A, M.Sc.

Below are more concrete examples of how sports psychology can be integrated with your sports teams...


                                    Performance Enhancement With Athletes 




Athletic performance is enhanced through an online libary of mental skills training courses that range from the level of thinker an athlete currently possesses  

Read all about sports psychology services that I have delivered in the private sector in an FAQ section

Sample packages that can be delivered to individuals by clicking here.  

                                            Performance Enhancement with Teams


Support provided to all your coaches with up to the minute, state of the art e-learning website. View the top 10 things that it can do and my my video explaining it

View the official promo video of the e-learning site and its full capabilities

Included is access to 10 + years of experience working with athletes and teams in sports psychology delivered via e-learning which is available 24/7. Your coaches can create courses to solidify their players knowledge not only in sports psychology but virtually in every facet possible. Instant feedback is provided to players and coaches.  

Sample packages that can be delivered to teams by clicking here.  


                          Teams Practice and Game Observation, Workshopsand Much More! 


By hiring a sports psychology consultant, your coaches can collobarate with me on how to improve their team performacne since I will carefully monitor team progress through practice and game observations, tailor made periodic workshops along with one on one peak performance consulting. Your athletes get access to my e-learning site that helps teams collaborate together off the field so that performance is enhanced on the field.
Read more about Coach Doron:
  • Coach Doron's CV which includes:
  • trained by the National Hockey League Montreal Canadiens sports psychologist.
  • teaching experience pioneering the very first introduction to sports psychology course in the Quebec high school system.
  • working with elite teams such as the Concordia University Stingers with head coach and former CFL (Canadian Football League) player Gerry McGrath during their record breaking 7-1 season in 2001.  
  • Laval Liberty Panthers Football undefeated 8-0 season while winning the championship "Bol D'or with head coach and former CFL champion Steve Alexandre in 2010.
  • Laval Liberty Panthers Hockey team winning the provincial championship in 2012. 

Still not convinced? Read the testimonial section of all the people who have had a successful outcomes working with Coach Doron.

If my past results is any indication of my future performance, I am confident that you will be extremely pleased with the results that I can do for you.

Teaching Success With Positive Sports Psychology,

Coach Doron B.A., G.D.S.A., M.Sc. 



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