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Ray Kirkwood Surprise Gift

Thank you for your donation to Ray Kirkwood`s surprise gift. We will give it to him on Tuesday April 24th at the dinner. Use the link below to make your donation. 



Original Email to CIHL refs on April 21, 2012...



Hi CIHL Refs,
   Hopefully we`ll see you Tuesday. I also wanted to thank everyone for their work on the off-ice work and appreciate your patience with all the reminders, login issues and questions and comments throughout the season.
   I wanted to surprise Ray (he`s not included in this email) with a gift. I`ve known Ray for about 12 years most of which through officiating. I think it`s time he can get a token of our appreciation. I know how much he likes sailboating and so I found a marina in Laval ( in which I can get a gift certificate. I figure we can get about a $100 gift certificate. If we can get more, then great. This means about a $5 - $10 donation whatever you feel comfortable with. Less is fine, more is great too.  I will go to the marina and get the certificate on Monday so that we can present it to him on Tuesday.
How to Contribute: 2 Friendly Ways: 
   Can you just let me know by email how much you plan on contributing so that I can get the appropriate amount. I will assume I will see you on Tuesday night or you will make arrangements so that night I will receive the $ discretely. Please do not mention this to Ray as it is supposed to be a surprise. For those who prefer to pay online, you can make a payment using the friendly link below. 
   In an effort to be transparent and make sure no fraudulent or corrupt events occur, 1-2 days after the dinner on Tuesday, I will send a copy of those who donated with the amount and total amount received. I think Ray will be very pleased and can serve a token of our appreciation of all the stuff that he is dealing with. 
    Comments, suggestions are welcome. Just please keep in mind that we don`t have much time to play with. Like I said, I would like to finalize the amount by Monday April 23 by 12 (noon). Please either reply with the amount of donation or send a friendly amount online. Thanks for your reply. 
Lior Doron 

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