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Flow in Sports Tennis Packages

If you believe sports psychology plays 70% (or more) of a deciding factor in your game, then let us give you the tools to begin the process of getting Flow in Sports!

Sports psychology can help your mental toughness in your sport. Congratulations, you are only a few moments away from improving your game with specific sports psychology or mental skills strategies. Even if you have experiesnce working with a sports psychologist, try sports psychology coach Lior Doron B.A., D.S.A., M.Sc. who has over 10 years of experience guiding athletes towards peak performance in their sport. All Flow in Sports packages whether you are an athlete subscribing individually or an athlete who subscribes as part of a team or as part of a group of five or more athletes comes with the ability to contact your sports psychology coach via email, phone (toll free) or free popular online chatting software such as MSN messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or Skype. These options allow you to communicate with your sports psychology coach in the aim of improving your sporting performance. Coach Lior Doron offers a free 15 minute coaching session.

Here's How it Works: You choose which mental skill you would like to work on and coach Lior Doron sends you a sports psychology exercise (usually in word format) to complete. Don't worry, it is pretty straight forward :) You send it back at your earliest convenience. You may get 70% correct and therefore, specific solutions are proposed and the exercise is send back to you until you score 100%. Thereafter, either another exercise is given or a harder exercise is given on the same mental skill or an entirely different mental skill is tackled. Some athletes prefer to discuss their personal experience rather than type or do exercises. In order to facilitate the sports psychology consulting a toll free number or free popular software such as skype is used to facilitate this process.

Where do I go from here?

1) Register with Flow in Sports

2) Pay by choosing a package that best fits your needs.

3) Contact your sports psychology coach by reserving your time (ideally two days in advance) or by asking for your 1st free mental skills exercise. Just ask for it by sending us an email!

Call now for details 1.877.778.FLOW (3569), email us a question or click below to a package and get started right away!

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons you could give it a try!

1) Read our testimonials of satisfied clients.

2) Read some of the examples of some exercises that you will be asked to do.

3) Read why it is important to have a sports psychologist or information about the field of sports psychology.

4) Read coach Lior Doron's thesis in which he extensively researched ten mental skills associated with creating, recreating and maintaining Flow in Sports. Professional referees were interviewed and the mental preparation associated with their performance is outlined in detail. Skip through all the readings and allow your sports psychology coach to help you get Flow in Sports!

5) Interested in making money or paying less? Find out how.

6) Try it for free by asking for your 1st free mental skills exercise. Please let us know which mental skill you would like to work on.

All prices below are in US dollars (USD).

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