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Update 2

December 6, 2021

Thank you for all your work you have done so far with our LJA students. For some of our students, it has allowed them to get more physical and mental exercise which is much more since the pandemic started about a year and a half ago. Please note as per Mr. Ruggi's request all after school activities should end by Friday December 10th. They should restart approximately January 24, 2022. More information coming soon including finding out if you are planning on returning and doing the activity in the new year. Thank you once again for all your efforts. Please make sure all your hours are up-to-date by December 10th. We want to avoid having many hours submitted at once and that is why I suggest to enter your hours soon after the activity is completed i.e. within the same day or the next day. We are also trying to determine how much money is left to plan for the new year. Speaking of which, I am going to be on vacation as of December 13th until January 10th so I will wish YOU happy holidays, a wonderful year and I look forward working with you in the new year.


Update 1

October 13, 2021

We have started our first week of activities. If you have an after school activity such as the escape room, tennis, volleyball, flag football, singing and stage performance, ISault aeronautics, or basketball, I have given you a duo-tang in which I will ask you to organize your attendance. 

There is a critical link that will organize much of the information here (and much more). Please go to You can click the activity that you are doing and simply follow the prompts. If I have an activity today, it asks me to enter today’s date which can be October 13th entered as 10/13/2021; then you are asked to enter tomorrow’s date which would be 10/14/2021. This is needed to generate your list. 

On this very important page, you have a link to get paid. Those working for SWLSB generally have chosen to get paid hourly and not through ECA credits. The link is on that page; I suggest to bookmark that link.  For the others, you would need to send an invoice (I suggest after about four sessions). Specific information is already on this important page. The link is once again below.

Attendance: Who’s Here: 

As far as attendance is concerned, you can either do it paper and pen (old school) or online. If you decide to print your list, please do so as close to your activity as possible. Some parents may register them at last minute. For now, you can do whatever is more convenient for you. If everyone attends, then there is practically no work for you to do and you can focus on your activity. Usually, attendance is done within the first 15 minutes while, I would suggest you get the participants “warmed up” doing something interesting. Keeping our students busy - mentally and physically - is at the heart of what we want to achieve. We just need to know if anyone is absent (A) or those “popping in”, (P) can be added at the bottom of the paper form or entered online. Remind the student that they can register from and I do have some business cards that you can give to the student since we do want to avoid pop - ins as we want to know who is coming and when. The attendance is crucial since at the end of the year, we need to generate a report as to who attended, how many times etc. The monies received for your activity must be justified. The more people attend, the better.   There are several activities that have generated an online waiver form. This form reminds students that a vaccination passport is required or where to meet.  In addition, some activities such as high risk would need another LJA form. Those forms should be printed, given to students and organized at the end of the duotang sorted by last name. If you want lists i.e. first name, last name, email addresses and or phone numbers or if you have any concerns, I would appreciate that you see me. I am here to make sure the activity goes smoothly and it is the pride and joy of our community. You are an integral part of this and your work is appreciated.

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