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Laval Liberty Juvenile Basketball Team

Laval Liberty Juvenile Basketball Team, welcome! We are uniting ourselves on moodle. The purpose of this ongoing exercise is that  we are all united on one website so that 1) we can work better together; 2) work smarter together and 3) become more knowedgebable as athletes and individuals. To get started, please do the following;


Check out the video below on how to register for the course.


1) right click on the link to the right or open a new window going to (bookmark this page)

2) french

3) Sports psychology - introduction to teams

3) Consider your age as of September 30 and click in AMG tennis. Choose your level of thinking from 1-6 (1 is generally 5-7 years old; 2 is 8-11 years old, 3 is 12-14 years old, 4 is 15-17 years old; 5 is 18-25 years old and a level 6 thinker is a world class player). It is always better to enrol in a lower level course and successfully complete this before moving on to a more advanced course. 

4) Create new account (all of you for the 1st time) or login

5) Fill out the form and click create new account

6) Check your email and click the link to validate your email address

7) Enter the enrollment key which is coachjohn

8) Enjoy the course and remember to do all the work going from the top (module one) to the bottom, module ?!#. Enjoy the process :)

Questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Coach Doron


Troubleshooting tips

It just doesn`t work!

Sometimes internet explorer is not supported. You need to download google chrome; from type download google chrome.

I never got the email

Check your junk folder and make sure you allow emails from the good people from Flow in Sports.


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