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Answers to frequently asked questions with Flow in Chess

What is Flow in Chess?

The word "flow" is used to describe a person who performs at their ideal performance state. When you are in flow, you are totally absorbed in your activity and playing at your best. The context was originally described for athletes who play in peak performance or what most athletes call being «in the zone». Flow in chess can be used to describe a chess player who perform at their best level. The word was originally researched by Csikszentmihalyi as early as 1996 and can also be experienced in different walks of life such as a student or person.

Can Flow in Sports Chess help me or my child improve their chess game?

Absolutely! This is an ideal service if you are 1) a beginner player who wants to learn how to play or 2) an intermediate player and want to learn more strategy on offense or defense.

How does it work? Where can we play?

There are a variety of places we can play chess. One suggestion is in the yahoo! game room. You will need a yahoo! account which is free. Click here for details. Once you have your ID, we can meet in one of the game rooms.

Will my rankings go down?

No, we can play unrated games.

Is there a time limit? Can we have one?

We can play with or without a time limit. The choice is yours!

Will there be other people watching?

We can play in a private room so that no one will distract us from our game.

How can I pay less for Flow in Sports Chess Tutoring?

In order for you to get an even lower rate, you can refer a friend to join. Once they subscribe and become a paid member, you receive a reduced rate. They do not need to take the chess lessons at the same time as you.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we do! We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and offer a 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked. This is valid for a one hour Flow in Sports Chess tutoring session only. For more details, click here.

Where do I go from here? What can I do to get started?

1) Register to receive flow in sports chess tutoring.

2) Pay for your lessons. For a list of rates, please click here.

3) Reserve a tutoring session via email or send an instant message via yahoo! messenger, MSN messenger or skype using the ID of ldoronflowinsports and see if coach Lior Doron is available right now!

Interested in donating to Flow in Sports as a thank-you for the various services offered? Click below and thank you for your support!

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