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Answers to frequently asked questions


I am a coach. How can Flow in Sports help my team? What do I get out of using your web site?

Our basic bronze package comes with access to an e-learning environment where you can

- get free sports psychology consulting including toll free number from coach Lior Doron. Yes, that's free services for you as a coach!

- custom make your registration process to acquire information from your players.

- Quickly send an email to your entire team with a few clicks or send an email to one player.

- Create a forum where your players can discuss a variety of issues. Automatic emails can be sent to your players so that they are aware of new events or latest discussion topic.

- create a poll or survey and get answers quickly. Find out what your team wants!

- Create a wikipidia in which your players collaborate together on various topics. What’s this?

- allow your team to chat online together

- Add events on a calendar so that your players can easily see future practices, games and meetings.

- Create quizzes, tests that can be automatically corrected giving you instant feedback whether or not your players know what they should know. Easily grade your players and provide feedback so that you are all on the same page.

- Email support - get answers to your questions within 48 hours.

- Access to online tutorials so that you can get the most from the e-learning experience. Contributions are made not only from coach Lior Doron but also from other coaches just like you.

- Privacy and security. All your team data is 100% confidential and is only accessible by you. Nobody can access this information unless given permission.

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Why choose Flow in Sports?

Flow in Sports is dedicated to guide athletes towards achieving personal and sporting excellence by enhancing mental skills. Similarly, athletes who form part of teams can benefit from the resources and valuable advice that is offered by our site. Online exercises, unlimited email contact to your sports psychology coach, telephone consulting are but a few tools that Flow in Sports may help your team gain the mental edge necessary in taking your game to the next level. As a coach, Flow in Sports offers you a free membership when you subscribe your team (minimum of five athletes per team and maximum of four coaches per team). Finally, team packages offer significant reduced prices compared to athletes who wish to subscribe individually. In summary, this is what you and your team would get


- Free membership and unlimited sports psychology coaching via email, phone or popular software

- Free mental skills exercises that are tailor made for you, analyzed and with specific recommendations as to how to improve your team's sporting performance.


- receives an e-learning platform where ideas, thoughts and mental skills training can be improved.

- A prescription for improving your mental game skills with tailor made exercises that your athletes work on and submit to theirr sports psychology coach Lior Doron for review.

- Coaching sessions over the phone and / or live collaborating and if in Montreal personal sports psychology consulting.

- Email correspondence in which you communicate questions to coach Lior Doron and he responds promptly.

- Help with developing your team's mental skills and getting them into flow.

- access to a private posting board in which your athletes can discuss issues. This is a password restricted area.

Why would a coach use Flow in Sports?

As a coach, you want to win. You also believe in the importance of mental skills training but may not necessarily know exactly how to improve athletes' mental skills. You may also not have the time to devote into improving your players' mental skills. Flow in Sports offers online educational services that are done by your players on their own time. By subscribing to Flow in Sports, you would like to sensitize your players as to the importance of improving mental skills and provide for the necessary resources so that your team may have a mental edge over opponents.

What can you do to help my team?

Coach Lior Doron can give conferences to your team on a regular basis to enhance team performance as well as guide specific athletes who seek to improve their own performance. View sample conferences already given by your sports psychology coach Lior Doron.

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