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Answers to frequently asked questions

Parents of Aspiring Athletes

Can Flow in Sports help my son / daughter improve their mental skills?

Absolutely! Flow in Sports is specialized in training athletes improve their mental skills so that they can create, recreate and maintain flow in sports. Coach Lior Doron has helped thousands of youngsters do just that. Coach Lior Doron has an excellent rapport with athletes of all ages, sports and backgrounds. 

What qualifications does Coach Lior Doron have with working with younger athletes?

Coach Doron has taught high school for over fifteen years and worked with students from 12-17 years old. He has also taught within the elementary school board (7-11 years old). In addition, Coach Lior  has also gained experience implementing games aboard world class cruise ships and has guided, influences and interacted with thousands of junior cruisers. Moreover, throughout his experiences as a baseball coach, umpire, hockey referee, tennis instructor, rock-climbing instructor, volleyball instructor, camp counselor, supervisor of land sports, camp and academy director allowed him to gain valuable experience working with children, adolescence and teens from a variety of backgrounds and ages. In a nutshell, he has seen many common mental barriers that may plague your child's sporting experience. Coach Doron also has a bachelor's degree in psychology as well other a graduate diploma in sports administration and a masters in sports psychology.

I am interested in getting started. What do I need to do and what can I expect?

The first step is to contact coach Doron and set-up a 1st sports psychology consulting. It can be done online or if possible a personal session can take place. As a 1st session, it is strongly suggested to get the sports psychology interview to gain a better perspective of your child's strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, we can get started right away on a particular mental skill. During personal meetings, the area in which the session takes place should be a quiet area with few, if any, distractions. Your child will be expected to read and write. Coach Doron will also work online through google documents. Read more about the do and don't to save time and get results as fast as possible.


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