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Learn the secrets of how to think like the top pros!


elearning Trained by the National Hockey League (NHL) Montreal Canadien's sports psychologist.

elearning Become a smart thinker. Tools in e-learning to improve your mental skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

elearning Get an expert coach who can teach mental skills strategies to you online or in person to create, recreate and maintain peak performance.

elearningCreate your own course and get 90% of the revenues from banner ads.

elearning Competitive monthly packages.

The Concept

For a list of all sports psychology courses on mental skills training, click here to see them in more detail or click here to get started right away. 

Here's How it Works: You improve your mental skills with work that coach Lior Doron sends you using an e-learning platform (which one?) and with the help of sports psychology exercise. This is facilitated through online collaboration (how does that work? Modifications are easily done from there in real time. Careful discussion can also take place over the phone or by chat. Specific solutions are proposed and corrections are done. You may also choose to enroll in courses designed to help you improve your performance. Some athletes prefer to discuss their personal experience rather than type or do exercises. In order to facilitate the sports psychology consulting a toll free number or free popular software is used. Our most popular package is the gold package.

Get a sports psychology package right now. Choose either the 1) unlimited sports psychology package, 2) starter or 3) committed package. For the last two packages, the more time you buy the lower the hourly rate.

Where do I go from here?

1) Register with Flow in Sports

2) Pay and buy a package that best fits your needs.. Choose either the Flow in Sports e-learning 1) bronze, 2) silver or 3) gold package. Find out how time is calculated.

3) Contact your sports psychology coach by reserving your time (ideally two days in advance) or by asking for your 1st free mental skills exercise. Just ask for it by getting a free consultation!

Call now for details locally 514.963.FLOW (3569), toll free 1.877.778.FLOW (3569), email us a question or click below to get a package and get started right away!

Still not convinced? More Reasons Why You Should Try it.

All prices below are in Canadian Dollars.


Enroll in e-learning courses individually by clicking here and then choose mental skills training. Courses are either sold individually or you can enroll per month.
Receive access to two courses per month of a value of $40 (save approximately 50%). You will get enrolled in the course that you choose depending on which mental skill you would like or the enrollment key is given to you via email every other Sunday by midnight. You must complete the course with a grade of 90% or more in order for you to get enrolled in the other course. You may retake the course as often as you like until success is achieved.
Schedule weekly sessions (conference calls available using skype with web cam) that usually last 60 minutes or up to 120 minutes of in person consulting or a combination of both.
Careful monitoring of your progress every two Sundays by midnight or automatic feedback through the e-learning platform.
Get work (readings and writing) given to you by a leading sports psychology coach
Access to the Flow in Sports elearning site. Click mental skills training and choose the mental skills and exercises that you need to work on. Get instant feedback that is automatically corrected. Learn at your own pace.
Create your own course or have your own team enroll in your course and get 50% of the revenues from banner ads.
Receive one on one online sports psychology consulting for 60 minutes per month.
Create up to two courses or have your own team enroll in your course and get 75% of the revenues from banner ads.
Receive a one on one in person sports psychology consulting session for 60 minutes per month.
Ability to have access to two more courses per month. You are enrolled in the mental skills courses or get the enrollment key every week by Sunday midnight.
Create up to five courses on your own course or have your own team enroll in your course and get 90% of the revenues from banner ads.


1. Flow in Sports E-learning Packages

For Individual Athletes


To cancel your subscription, just cancel the subscription before the start of the next billing cycle. For example, you subscribe January 1st and cancel February 28th. You will only be billed for two months (January and February). Upgrade or downgrade anytime...

E-Learning Packages



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