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Do's and Don'ts working online with google documents

We will work online together and I have noticed many things over the years and so I have put together a do and don't list. Here goes...


When handing work to respect format. This includes

1) If you are submitting work, do so on crumple free loose leaf paper

2) Write your full name on the top left hand side

3) Date (written in the following format September 1, 20XX) on the top right hand side

4) Skip a space and write a title that is centred and underlined (with a ruler). Remember to hava a capital for the the beginning of each word in the title except for words that are less then three alour words or less such as the, a, and etc. The only exception is that the beginning and end of the title is always capitlized. If it is an assignment, the title can look like this... Assignment #1: How to Get Good Grades

5) Skip another space, indent and begin your work

When working online follow the same format as above except do not write your name on the top left hand side since your full name should be the title of your document.

If you get a document as an assignment, store it online and organize in the appropriate place (i.e.mental skill or section).

Capitalize your I's...

Numbers 1-10 are written down unless the number begins the sentence.

After a period leave a space.

Use font size 12 since this is the generally accepted font size.. Times new roman is the general font style.

Have a topic sentence for each paragraph. Remember, you should have at least six sentences per paragraph and usually no more then nine or so...

Try to realize when I make a correction to always remember to do the same thing for your future work.

Erase my corrections in red and adjust the work accordingly.

Put your most recent work towards the top. If you have several subsections within your work, make sure in each subsection, you most reent work is towards the top.

Smile and say hello when seeing Mr. Doron for the very 1st time. It is always nice to smile and say hello :)

Your homework... not some of the time, or most of the time but ALL THE TIME! Soon you will be calling homework... homefun!

Do Not:

Write as if you are talking... I want 2 c the play happenin. This makes coach Doron lose a hair or whatever is left of them!

Erase the red when your work is being corrected unless you have been given the blessing (which is usually after a couple of times of your work being edited).

Do your work late - you are donating five points for each class that this is late. This is too generous :(

Use different coulour fonts. Although you may want to imprress with the colours, use your words and let your quality of work do the inspiration. 

Use italicize (unless you know how to use it) or bold.

Write don't, won't, couldn't. Rather actually spell them out as do not, would not and could not. This looks much more professional when you are writing.

Ask any questions the 1st five minutes in class. This is a time for him to get organized and get the lesson going.


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