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Optimism for Younger Students and Athletes

Flow in Sports Courses: Optimism for Younger Students and Athletes

Flow in Sports - Optimal Thinking

Learn how to think like the top pros!

The Concept

Sports psychology will help your performance in your sport. Try sports psychology coach Lior Doron B.A (specialization in psychology)., D.S.A., M.Sc. who has over 10 years of experience guiding athletes towards peak performance in their sport.

Why is optimism important?

Great article #1

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Definition of Optimism - Youtube video

Learning how to improve optimism is extremely important in the overall accomplishments of goals and ultimately enjoyment of life.

Here's How it Works: You (and / or your child) are enrolled in an e-learning course through moodle (what's this?). At the beginning of the course, you will receive an optimism test and get the test result. Thereafter, you follow an easy to understand course that will teach you the three dimensions of optimism such as 1) time, 2) personalization and 3) pervasiveness. Power point slides are given to you so that you can download and keep for future reference. You will then learn how to improve your score so that you become more optimistic. The course offers about 10 hours of e-learning material that you can carefully review and save on your computer. After you get the tools to improve your score, you will retake the test and compare the difference. Ideally, this test is designed for students and athletes between 10-17 years old.

Where do I go from here?

1) Click here to go to the e-learning site.

2) Click on mental skills training.

3) Find the course called Optimism in Younger Students and Athletes (17 and Under).

4) Click create a new account if you are new with Flow in Sports or sign in.

5) Once you pay for the course, you can begin!

For only $20, you will get an optimism test, the results and specific knowledge on how to improve it. If this takes you 10 hours to do, this is $2 per hour that you are paying! The course took approximately 50 hours to create so esentially, this is $.40 cents per hour! Don't worry, we won't tell the government of this abuse!

Call now for details locally 514.963.FLOW (3569), toll free 1.877.778.FLOW (3569), email us a question or click below to get a package and get started right away!

Still not convinced? More Reasons Why You Should Try it.


All prices below are in Canadian Dollars.


# of Participants Discount Cost
1-9 - $20
10-49 * 20% $15
50 or more * 50% $10

Either you send us the emails of the participants and we enroll them in our course or we give you an enrollment key so that your team can enjoy the full benefits of the course. Find out how optimistic your team is and improve it right away!

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