Coupon List for Cote Saint-Luc M15B Hockey Team
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Coupons for CSL M15B Hockey Team


You may receive coupons everytime you see coach Doron and when you say a positive sports psychology words such as effort, confidence or belief. In addition, coupons are given when you successfully complete 90% or more of your homefun or follow instructions. Here is our prize redemption table.


# of Coupons Prize
Flexible Any amount for a gift certificate from the tennis and sports psychology academy (tour) and more info
20 Cash (minimum amount of 20 is required) or any amount greater :) 
200 Official NHL jersey with any exisiting hockey player. Check it out
?? Interested in having other prizes? Just have the teacher / company write us an email and we'll evaluate each email we receive. 


Prize list subject to availability and value subject to change without prior notice. Please note that Flow in Sports coupons can also be exchanged for TSPA (Tennis and Sports Psychology) coupons or Flow in Sports coupons

How do I get more coupons?

Coupons are usually given every time you see coach Lior Doron through various of the services he offers. You can also receive coupons for doing your homework and your referal

1 for each mistake Coach Doron does (please mention his error in a tactful way while not embarrasing him as he might lose his hair - or whatever is left of it). 

1 Third star of the game when we win or unsung hero

1 Shutout for the forwards  

1 Talking loud and clear during a practice or game on the ice. For example, Hey X, I am open. This means, PASS THE PUCK! 

1 D to D pass. We want to see many of those! 

1 Dumping the puck into the attacking zone in a timely manner while all three forwards change 

1 Tie 

1 Power play assist or goal 

2 Assist or goal short handed 

2 Shutout for defense 

2 Super job on penalty killing 

2 Win 

2 Assist or goal 

2 Second star of a game in which we win

2 for liking any of Flow in Sports social media. Just show Coach Doron once during the season. Follow Flow in Sports on  Metayoutubetwitter, instagram, or tiktok

3 Assist for the goalie! Can you tell who's making this one up :) 

3 First star of a game in which we win 

3 Shutout for the goalie 

4 hat trick (that's at least 10 coupons in one game). Please don't ask me how we got to 10 coupons (considering three for each goal). 

20 for each new TSPA referal for camp for one week

Please note if you would like to have more prizes on this list please see your sports psychology captain. If your team does not have one, see Coach Doron so that we can assign one. Do not ask other teachers, coaches, staff to add more prizes. This can actually reduce the chances of acquiring this prize. 



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