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Flow in Sports caters to a variety of athletes (recreational, provicial, state, national, elite, olympic and professional) as well as students and parents. We receive traffic mainly from;

1) Online advertising with google, yahoo! MSN  and their network.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

3) strategic links between sponsors and link exchanges

4) courses that are delivered through sports psychology e-learning

5) other advertising or partnerships 

We target recreational to high performance athletes, coaches and parents of aspiring athletes. We also cater to students who would like tutoring in a variety of subjects. Finally, many of our users access Flow in Sports in a variety of links with Lior Doron as either a teacher, tennis instructor, hockey referee, sports psychology consultant or in another way. If you are accessing a particular page and know others in a similar field are doing the same, this is an excellent opportunity for you to get your product or service to gain more awareness. Your ad can be strategically placed in one of our inside pages or gain even more exposure by joining us on our home page.

If you would like to place an ad with us, please send us your banner or link to your banner and we will have it up usually within two days. Flow in Sports reserves the right to refuse banners based on inappropriate material, services or products offered.

Rather than count impressions, with Flow in Sports, your banner or text link is ALWAYS there!

List of Prices for Banners Canadian Dollars

1) Big banner $500/year or $50 / month. (676 width x 265 height) 

2) Small banner $200 / year or $20 per month. (250 width x100 height)

Flow in Sports Elearning Site

Interested in advertising on our e-learning site?

Banners can be purchased depending on the courses. Click here to see the list of courses. The minimum cost (some courses or team may charge more) is either:

$30 per month ($300 for the year) for top banner (960x250height) or bottom ads (960x112height);

$20 per month ($200 for the year) for a side banner ad 175x150height per course. You may choose which course(s) you woud like your ad to appear.

If you choose more then one course, there is a 20% rebate for the second course and 30% rebate for each additional course. 

Graphic design available for up to $50 per image with up to three changes back and forth.

For an addtional $5 per month or $50 for the year, we can create an inner page for you that you can use to write the text, create text and produce images. We offer three free changes per year after which it is $20 per hour each new change billed per 15 minutes. Two weeks can elapse after the 1st submission. You can expect a 48 hour delay with the updated changes. We can help you write the text and drive traffic to your website or increase sales to your product or service. 

Where to go from here?

Step 1) Browse our web site and see how the top banner and side banner look like. 

Step 2) Email us your banner or send us the link. Be sure to tell us whether you would like the top banner or side banner.

Step 3) Wait for confirmation (usually within two days).

Step 4) Once your banner is accepted, go to our advertisement payment page.. You should see your ad live within 48 hours. Please note prices are in Canadian dollars.

For more information, questions concerning advertising or other similar inquiries, please do not hesitate to email or contact us.

Send us an email right now!

Call: 514-963-3569 or toll free  1.877.778.FLOW (3569)


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